Indians’ season comes to an end with loss to Northwestern

After a tremendous season, one filled with personal growth and team camaraderie, the Mississinewa Indians’ 2019 campaign came to an end on Thursday night with a 4-0 loss to Northwestern.  

Mississinewa lost three of their top players in the first half, and they were unable to recover. Alayna Webb suffered a concussion in the game’s early stages, while both Taylor Ulerick and Amiah Lewis sustained broken clavicles. Those injuries threw the Indians out of their rhythm, and they could not regain it. 

 “We struggled offensively,” Mississinewa Head Coach Andrea Wilson said. “At halftime, I had a whole team of crying girls who were upset about their teammates, so we were just trying to regain our composure. We talked to them [saying,] ‘Hey, we’ve got another 40 minutes to play. We’re going to work hard and be good sports no matter what because that’s the team that we are.’”

“The refs did do a good job in the second half. I had a conversation with them at halftime because I was worried about the rest of my girls. [But still,] we couldn’t do anything offensively.”

However, despite the loss, the Indians are set up nicely for the future. They will have most of this group back next year with several up-and-coming underclassmen waiting in the wings. 

“I have girls on the bench that have been working hard all year, and I know that they will continue to work hard the rest of this year and through the summer,” Wilson said. “I think we are going to be alright next year. I’m excited.”

The Indians finished the season with a 7-7-1 record.

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