Ivy Tech, IWU form and continue partnership

At the end of August, Indiana Wesleyan University and Ivy Tech announced a new transfer agreement, making it easier and more seamless for Ivy Tech students to transfer to IWU upon completion of their associate’s degree. 

Students will have the opportunity to transfer to IWU’s main campus in Marion or to IWU-National and Global, which includes online and onsite programs in Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio.  

This is the first time that IWU-Marion will be involved in a transfer agreement with Ivy Tech. Students will be able to choose from one of nine available degree pathways, including business administration, marketing, entrepreneurship, finance, management, criminal justice, psychology, and social work. 

“The greatest benefit for students is clear, concise information,” Executive Dean of the College and Arts and Sciences Aly Williams said. “Articulating clear pathways eliminates many of the questions that often arise during a transfer process. Students go into the process knowing what is expected of them and how long the process will take. For the institutions, agreements that are put in place ahead of time help to streamline the process and procedures necessary to create a seamless transition for the student. Additionally, it shows a strong desire for partnership between two long-standing Grant County institutions who both desire to serve students and help in their growth and transformation.”

“[This] provides opportunities for students to complete their education and then have opportunities to advance to a four-year degree,” Ivy Tech chancellor Alex Huskey added. “It gives them better chances for success. It will benefit both institutions because it helps us best develop guided pathways and linear pathways to student completions.”

All credits will be eligible for transfer if they are from a CHEA or DOE institution, a grade of “C” or better, and 100-level or higher. 

“It was an attempt for us to look at ways that we could service students from our service area, really help grow the educational levels in our service area, and help students have opportunities for great careers,” Ivy Tech Chancellor Alex Huskey said. 

Along with entering a new partnership with IWU-Marion, Ivy Tech also expanded their partnership with IWU-National and Global, who added 10 more degree pathways including early childhood education, accounting, addiction counseling, business administration, marketing, criminal justice, cybersecurity, and hospitality management. 

“We’ve created a route forward for students to finish their bachelor’s degree with 120 credits hours,” Vice President of Academic Affairs for the College of Adult and Professional Studies Michael Manning said. “We’ve maximized the number of courses that students from Ivy Tech can take at Ivy Tech that counts toward their degree major here at IWU.

“It’s a fantastic partnership. We are going to give students all across Indiana an opportunity to finish their bachelor’s degree in a way and in a place that fits their needs.”

With this new and expanded partnership between the two institutions, Ivy Tech and IWU plan to continue helping students achieve their academic goals and move seamlessly into the career of their choice. 

“I could not be more excited for a partnership and an opportunity like this,” Huskey said. “Any time we can partner with a four-year university to provide opportunities for students, it’s a great thing. This is just the beginning of many, many more opportunities to help students. It is a wonderful opportunity for us to grow together and learn from each other, but it’s also a wonderful opportunity for our community as we continue to grow education attainment in our service areas.” 

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