Lapel’s stellar play in paint dooms Argylls in loss

The outcome was not as favorable on Saturday, as the Lapel Bulldogs bullied the Argylls in the paint all game long to come away with 70-45 victory. Of Lapel’s 70 points, 44 of them came in the post.

The Bulldogs dominated from the start, taking a 43-20 halftime lead and keeping the Argylls’ at bay for most of the contest.

“They just attacked us inside for the most part,” Trout said. “They shot the ball well. They had a huge size advantage and a huge strength advantage on us, and we struggled to defend the post. We really didn’t have a lot of turnovers and we didn’t give up a lot of second chance points, but we just struggled to defend in the paint last night. That was the big difference. They attacked us where our weakness was, and they were able to take advantage.”

Now, with a week off between games, Trout knows what the team needs to work on heading into next Saturday’s matchup with the Elwood Panthers.

“We have to continue to work to clean up the turnovers, continue to work on the rebounding, and we have to focus bit more on our post defense,” Trout said. “Our post defense has been what it needs to be, so we have to work on that and get better.”

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