Myers’ heart for children led her to CASA

Throughout her life, CASA volunteer Brianna Myers has had a heart for children. 

And one year ago, when the opportunity arose to work with CASA of Grant County as a volunteer, Myers jumped at the chance. 

Myers first found out about CASA when she was a teenager. Leslie Hendricks, who serves as the Executive Director of CASA of Grant County, gave a presentation about the organization at her church, explaining what CASA was, their role in the Marion and Grant County communities, and most importantly, how they served children in need. 

From that moment on, Myers wanted to become involved with the organization. However, being under 21 at the time, she could not join as a volunteer at that moment. 

So, Myers went on to continue her education, graduating and eventually finding work as a physical therapy assistant. She started in outpatient services before eventually making the move to pediatrics, and ultimately, Myers finally joined CASA as a volunteer and has served in that capacity for about a year. 

During her first year of service, Myers has worked on one case involving a younger child who isin a safe placement. While the COVID-19 pandemic made visits and check-ins a little more difficult, Myers still made time to visit with the child once a month to check progress and see if there have been any changes in the child’s circumstances. 

Additionally, as a volunteer, Myers checks her email daily to see if there are updates from the Department of Child Services or any of the service providers.

Myers also took the time once a month to talk with one of the child’s biological parents to check in and provide updates.

“It really puts things into perspective,” Myers said of working with CASA. “There are so many circumstances and so many different situations, and [their] kids are suffering. It really just shows that there is more to your own world. There is a lot more out there, and a lot more things going on.”

While Myers has not worked with CASA as long as some of the other volunteers, she has quickly seen the vital role that the organization plays in Grant County. 

Not only does CASA of Grant County serve as the child’s voice during court proceedings, but they go above and beyond each and every day to make sure that every child they serve is given the best chance to succeed both in the present and in the future.  

“I’ve been able to see [that] kids are able to get placed in environments that are good for them…and that there are people that are so passionate and willing to help,” Myers said. “[For me,] it’s about the kids – seeing their joy despite the circumstances. Obviously, some kids have behavioral problems, but in the grand scheme of things, most of these kids are so happy despite whatever has uprooted them from their normalcy. It’s just so awesome to see, to work alongside, and to be their voice to advocate what’s best for them.”

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