True Envy Boutique holds ribbon cutting

Two years ago, Dawn Conwell had a dream to start her own business and work in the world of women’s fashion.

On Thursday afternoon, two years of hard work and perseverance and several subsequent moves, True Envy Boutique was officially christened in a ribbon cutting ceremony at its storefront location in downtown Marion.

Conwell began the business in her home in late November of 2018. She has always had a passion for fashion and felt that a fashion boutique would fill a big need for the city of Marion.

“I started it because it was fun,” Conwell said. “I enjoy doing it. I like seeing the looks on the women’s faces and people’s faces when they try something on that fits really well. I love clothes and fashion. A lot of the bigger stores are closing, and we don’t have as many options here in Marion, so I really felt it was something that the community needed, and I wanted to fill that gap.”

Over the remainder of 2018 and the majority of 2019, True Envy Boutique’s popularity skyrocketed, so much so that a change of venue was necessary. In early October of 2019, Conwell moved into her first store at the Boston Hill Center, starting out small to see community response would be like.

While at Boston Hill Center, True Envy Boutique continued to grow in a positive manner. Conwell and her team worked with customers both local and around the country, and once again, expansion was necessary.

Just last month, True Envy Boutique moved to its current location on Third Street, and despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Conwell’s business continues to thrive.

“We thought it was the perfect time to expand,” Conwell said. “We have a storefront, and we have a lot of options for live sales and curbside pickup if it came to that again. It has a big city feel, but a small-town charm. We are really excited.”

True Envy Boutique sells a plethora of items, including Kancan brand jeans in every style and color, Amber Blend fragrances, handcrafted jewelry, leggings, dresses, shoes, and many others types of casual and formal wear. All the items sold at True Envy Boutique are on par with the latest trends and fashions, and Conwell updates her wares to keep up with the ever-changing fashion landscape.

According to Conwell, everything sells well, but the Kancan jeans are her most popular item.

Additionally, Conwell serves her customers in a variety of ways. Whether it’s in-store, pickup, or delivery, True Envy Boutique goes above and beyond to serve all of their customer’s needs.

“When we were out of my house, we became known for our live sales, and my husband and I do those together,” Conwell said. “People really enjoyed those, so we brought those back during the pandemic. We do delivery. We do pickup. And we ship across the United States. We will ship anything.”

As True Envy Boutique continues to grow in the years to come, Conwell is excited to serve the city of Marion for the long haul.

“We will continue to listen to our customers,” Conwell concluded. “We want to continue to provide individual customer service. We want to get what people are looking for and still stay on trend. We just go above and beyond in customer service, and that’s what we want to continue to do.”

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