Vermilion, defense lead Giants to fourth straight win

The Marion Giants went on the road Friday night to Richmond and recorded yet another victory, improving to 13-4 on the season with a 48-33 triumph over the Red Devils.

After watching film, Head Coach Lawrence Jordan determined that smothering Richmond point guard Nyajah Orr would shut the Red Devils’ offense down.

And that is exactly what happened.

“We did a 22 full-court trap and a 3-2 zone,” Marion Head Coach Lawrence Jordan said. “Once I took [Orr] away, they were really ready or able to respond to it, and they struggled. The half-court defense was excellent. It was a great defensive team effort.”

Marion was in command from the start, giving up just eight points in the first two quarters while scoring 23 points of their own. They kept the pedal down after halftime, leading by double digits the rest of the way.

Ellie Vermilion led the Giants’ offense with 23 points, while Ra’Shaya Kyle finished with 14.

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